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Comes First!
What sets Totty Printing apart from the competition is that we take pride in our work and our focus is always customer satisfaction. This philosophy is why we continue to stay in business and have managed to maintain a loyal customer base throughout the years. When it comes to competing in today’s market, we understand your needs and recognize that your satisfaction is our success. Totty Printing provides wholesale, commercial printing for our clients uncompromisingly and has been for over 20 years.

Cultivating the knowledge of the craft, mastery of the process and staying on the cutting edge of new technology is paramount to our success and is evident in our work and a testament of our dedication.
Best Cut Sheet Trade Shop
for Over 21 Years
Founded in 1987, Totty Printing is a culmination of experience, quality and innovation created by the desire to provide superior printing services at lower costs coupled with minimal production time. With this philosophy, Totty Printing has established long term relationships with clients throughout Southern California and beyond. Because we are experts in our trade and with our commitment to always creating quality work by utilizing the best of technology, experience and knowledge we have proven ourselves to be worthy of our customers’ loyalty.

Tom Totty,
Totty Printing

 Tom has been a great asset for quality projects for my clients. He is trustworthy with consistent results. He can help you implement a project and if he can not do all the components, he is an excellent resource for industry referrals.
- Jim Gross
Image Printing Solutions
 Totty Printing is the best 2-Color Cut Sheet printing manufacturer I've ever worked with. Their courtesy, quality, great prices and timeliness make it easy and economical for me to use them for all my 1-3 color cutsheet work. Thanks Tom!
- Doug Robertson
Mission Printing Companay
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